Imagination Library

Imagination Library

Imagination LibraryThe Imagination Library provides one book per month to all registered children from birth through age four.  There is no cost to the child's family.

Hickman County's Imagination Library is an initiative of the Hickman County Economic and Community Development Agency in partnership with the public library.

 How Do We Sign Up?

If you live in Hickman County, simply fill out one registration form for each child in your family who is under the age of 5.  There is absolutely no cost to you.

How Do We Receive the Books?

Each registered child will receive a new book every month with the first book being The Little Engine That Could. The final book will be Look Out, Kindergarten, Here I Come to be mailed when your child turns 5 years old.  Each new book will be mailed directly to the Hickman County address listed on the registration form.  These books are designed to become your child's personal library. Children registered in the program may receive up to 60 books. Perhaps this home library will be passed down to his/her children one day!

What if our Address Changes?

As long as you still live in Hickman County, all you have to do is come by the Hickman County Public Library and fill out a change of address card.  If you move out of the county, you can sign up for the books in your new county of residence; however, you must notify Hickman County that you have moved before you can begin to get books at your new address.

How is Imagination Library Funded?

Imagination library is funded through donations in each county.  The Governor's Book's from Birth Foundation matches all local contributions dollar for dollar

Remember: It's Free. It's never a cost to you.

You can pick up a registration form at the library or other public places. 

 Learn more about becoming a sponsor below. 

Your contribution is vital and it is tax deductible.

Levels of Sponsorship

LevelNumber of ChildrenDonation
Conductor 50+ $1,500+
Engineer 25-49 $750 - $1,499
Fireman 10-24 $300 - $749
Brakeman 5 - 9 $150 - $299
Switchman 1 - 4 $60 - $149
Passenger 1 $30

Make a Donation

Please make checks payable to

Hickman County Imagination Library
120 W. Swan St.
Centerville, TN  37033-0204

For more information, contact Gayla Bunn at 931-729-5130

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