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Language Quest

The Choose a Language to Learn screen lists all the available languages that you can choose to learn.

To use the Choose a Language to Learn screen

  1. If you are not already on the Choose a Language to Learn screen, go there by doing one of the following:
    • Click the name of the current language at the top of the screen to display the language menu, then choose More Languages at the bottom of the menu. Consult Switching Learning Languages with the Menu for more information on this menu. (This feature may not be available for all versions of the program.)
    • Click Your Username and choose Change Language.
  2. Locate the language you want to learn in the list on the screen. If necessary, you can type all or part of a language name in the Search field to narrow down the list. Consult Searching for Languages for details.
  3. When you have found your learning language, click it.

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